Single Hookless Shower Curtain - Litchfield

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Litchfield (plaid pattern) white design made of woven polyester fabric.

This Hookless Shower Curtain offers an easy-to install, easy-to-maintain, stylish barrier between your shower and your bathroom. 

No more torn curtains, missing, unattached or broken rings... With the patented split ring design built directly into the product, the Hookless shower curtain has revolutionised the shower curtain market. 

Available in two designs, together with a strong textile performance base and mildew inhibiting elements, the Hookless shower curtain suits every application.

  •  Strong textile performance base 
  • 100% Polyester
  • Water repellent
  • Mildew inhibiting elements
  • Ultrasonically cut bottom hew
  • Magnets at the bottom of each corner




Available in 2 lengths:

  • LONG - 180 cm wide x 188 cm 
  • SHORT - 180 cm wide x 196 cm 

Product Code: OHMA-SC

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