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Maximum Support Underwear Female, Low, Lace

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Three free pairs per year of Corsinel Ostomy Support Underwear are available through the Stoma Appliance Scheme.

To order, find the product code above the price, then order through your Australian Ostomy Association. 

CODE: PSTY-311450-FL

Compression garment specially designed to support a parastomal bulge as a result of a stoma.

The strong upper part of Corsinel underwear supports the hernia and the lower part is in a softer material that makes the garment easy to put on.

  • Designed as regular underwear.
  • Comfortable to wear and supportive fit.
  • Washable.
  • Does not contain latex.

How to choose your size:

  1. Select your Corsinel waist height by hernia position and personal preference.
  2. Lie down and measure waist size around the widest part of the bulge. Some people prefer a tighter garment, others a little looser.
  3. Select size from the range below:

Sizing Chart


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